Exploring. Digging. Mining the veins of information
that can strengthen demand for your brand.

Our clients – brand owners, consultants, and agencies – turn to us for customized, qualitative and quantitative research that helps them make branding decisions with confidence. They know that our real-world brand management experience and roll-up-the-sleeves project approach consistently results in expanding a brand's strength, breadth, and profitability.

Brandware Research is a full-service market research provider.

We specialize in providing clients with the customized research they need for evaluating, positioning, testing, extending, and tracking the success of their brand offerings.

Whether we’re asked to do a fast-turnaround project or an in-depth study, we illuminate a client’s brand decision making with findings that are both sensible and useful. After all, we’ve been on the client-side of the brand management equation, so we fully grasp the impact of using a research supplier that offers validated methods, top-shelf analytical talent, and practitioners who have successfully managed top brands.

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