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Brandware Research
New Perspectives on Marketing Intelligence

Brand owners and their agencies have asked for a new type of marketing research partner – one that rejects the musty old status quo to deliver new perspectives on marketing intelligence.  Brandware Research is the result. 

Insights cubed

To obtain the insights you deserve, Brandware is able to use a formidable combination of secondary research, online metrics, and primary research – something that’s rare in our industry. Our set of capabilities yields incomparable marketing intelligence, often for a lower price.

Imaginative analytics

“Imaginative” doesn’t often describe researchers, but Brandware uses some ingenious mathematical modeling techniques to extract the most from your data. Have doubts? Then ask us about our message combination modeling, prescribing simulations, graphical choice modeling, and segment targeting using big-data appends.

Intellectually informed

You don’t want research based on old or unproven marketing dogma, so Brandware stays fully informed about the latest marketing perspectives and approaches. Ask us what’s new – we’ll be able to tell you!

Wordsmithing horsepower

Unimportant for a researcher to have? Then try to test positioning or messaging alternatives or write an incisive research report without it. The fact is, one of our founders was previously in charge of corporate communications for Mercedes-Benz, so wordsmithing is a talent that’s in our DNA.