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Our Approach: Based on How Brands Truly Thrive

Not every marketing research firm has defined an approach for marketing problem solving, but it certainly helps to have a map to follow.  Here’s ours:

market research process

If our approach looks different from what you’re used to seeing, that’s because it is.  It’s based on the very latest set of purchase behavior discoveries of leading economists and statisticians.   Want to know more?  Ask us.

Research Tools for Almost Every Need

Secondary sources

Brandware would rather steer you to answers in existing academic or syndicated studies than sell you a custom study that’s not needed, so we build a secondary research phase into most of our projects. If Brandware can answer your questions elsewhere, we ask for your permission to stop the project and bill you only for the time we spent on our literature search. Otherwise, we fill the “knowledge holes” by moving forward with the primary research we proposed. Why should you pay to recreate the wheel?

Qualitative research

Brandware has in-house moderators who know how to effectively explore nearly any B2C and B2B marketing issue. We conduct focus groups all over the world – online, by telephone, or in-person. We also conduct in-person depth interviews. And telephone depth interviews. And in-home usability tests (IHUTs). In short, Brandware can expertly execute the best form of qualitative research for your needs, no matter what you’re selling or where you’re selling it.

Quantitative research

Nobody writes, fields, and analyzes surveys with more expertise or ingenuity than Brandware. We know which measures work for a given purpose – and which don’t. We sidestep the clumsy questionnaire mistakes that plague other research firms and do-it-yourselfers. We throw out a troublingly high proportion of fraudulent respondents from supposedly “clean” sample sources. And we write quality reports that feature all the analyses you’d ever need for proper decision making. With Brandware, you receive quant work that’s two cuts above what you get now.

Advanced statistics

This is where we really shine. Need to figure out which four copy points to use in combination on a package design? Brandware can deliver. Want to understand which of 857,000 potential ad iterations works best? We can do that, too. Need to segment your market based on needs or attitudes and then get the emails and home addresses of those in your most promising segments? Count us in. Quite simply, when you go with Brandware, you gain access to one of the top quantitative modelers in the world. Enough said.

Web analytics

Brandware started using web analytics early on, after seeing that they offered a fast and inexpensive, albeit imperfect, way to capture marketing data. What does that mean for you? Unlike many research firms, we’re not afraid to use web analytics for augmenting our primary research pertaining to brand perceptions, customer demographics, and information sources. And unlike many sources, we understand the limitations and biases associated with these tools.


We realized years ago that many clients (and most research firms) are unable to develop the lucid concept statements, positioning platforms, and messaging options that are needed for quality concept and messaging tests. Brandware is different. We’re able to leverage the writing services of our sister division, Brandware PR, to assemble meaningful, well-crafted statements for testing. When it comes to your concept test, quality in yields quality out.