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Our New Perspective Drives Research Innovations

Brandware offers a fresh perspective on marketing intelligence for nearly every imaginable marketing situation.  A few of our latest product innovations are summarized below.

OpusTM Graphical Testing

Designed to optimize a brand’s short-form communications, Opus is like A/B graphic testing on steroids. It can pretest thousands of simulated display ads, landing pages, search ads, billboards, or promotional graphics all at once to determine which iterations are best at motivating your target customers’ desired behavior. Importantly, our unique survey-based approach tests actual graphic/copy design combinations – not just attributes or message lists.

Channel LabTM Simulations

Despite the influence of Facebook, Twitter, and other digital media, many products still flourish or fail based on the allegiance of distributors, contractors, or retail salespeople. Channel Lab™ is a survey-based methodology that gathers and synthesizes data about which products your distributors, contractors, or retailers recommend in hundreds of simulated sales and competitive situations. It can help you identify significant product line gaps, quantify the likely impact of various promotional program ideas, identify your most vulnerable competitors, and determine which buying situations are most rewarding for your brand.

Physician LabTM Simulations

If you’re a healthcare marketer, you already know that physicians most often determine the market success or failure of a treatment due to their prescribing authority. Brandware’s customized Physician Labs allow us to develop advanced predictive models that simulate prescribing behavior when a doctor is presented with a patient that possesses certain characteristics (e.g., vitals, disease stage, co-morbidities, previous treatments, etc.). And that lets you develop spot-on targeting, positioning, and messaging tactics for the treatment you’re marketing.

ChorusTM Message Combination Modeling

Most message tests can provide an indication of the effectiveness of individual marketing messages, but they do not model the most effective combination of messages – an important distinction because marketing messages are most successfully communicated in sets instead of individually. Chorus solves this problem for you. It determines the optimal set of marketing messages for each of your target audiences, giving you a leg up on the competition. Chorus also provides a simulator that you or your agency can use to test the impact of any combination of messages on your various target segments (e.g., younger consumers, females, heavy users, etc.).

Segmentation PlusTM

Only the most accomplished research firms know how to use statistical analyses to identify and profile your brand’s relevant market segments based on needs and lifestyles, and then quantify your brand’s potential within each segment. But Brandware raises the bar with Segmentation Plus. We identify the most effective messaging sets for each segment and – perhaps most importantly – develop scoring models so real people in each segment can be located and targeted using direct marketing or email marketing. This lets you reach your highest-potential prospects with optimized messaging and more precise media buys.

Plan FoodTM

If you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive read of the category in which you compete, Plan Food has you covered. Plan Food energizes your brand’s annual planning process by using a proprietary mix of web analytics and survey results to help you determine the demographics of your buyers and the buyers of key competitors. It also indicates which sources category buyers use for information and which of your brand’s individual messages are most likely to motivate them to act. In short, Plan Food gives you the basic information needed to grow your brand.